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Month: May, 2013

The ‘God’ problem

A large part of the problem is this:  of what could proof or evidence of god’s not existing consist?  What would need to be shewn to disprove the idea, or show it as fundamentally mistaken, once and for all?  What could be shewn?  For nothing can count against it.

This highlights the impossibility of the scientific approach in this area.  The difficulty is born from language and empiricism can offer no help.

— it must be an idea willingly abandoned, a primitive relic of primitive cultures; and this can only happen through understanding how the misconceptions were born in the first place.


Ludwig Wittgenstein



Count Eberhard’s Hawthorn

Count Eberhard Rustle-Beard,
From Württemberg’s fair land,
On holy errand steer’d
To Palestina’s strand.
The while he slowly rode
Along a woodland way;
He cut from the hawthorn bush
A little fresh green spray.
Then in his iron helm
The little sprig he plac’d;
And bore it in the wars,
And over the ocean waste.
And when he reach’d his home;
He plac’d it in the earth;
Where little leaves and buds
The gentle Spring call’d forth.
He went each year to it,
The Count so brave and true;
And overjoy’d was he
To witness how it grew.
The Count was worn with age
The sprig became a tree;
‘Neath which the old man oft
Would sit in reverie.
The branching arch so high,
Whose whisper is so bland,
Reminds him of the past
And Palestina’s strand.